Lamp International: Situated in the heart of Tuscany, in 1995 Lamp International was born, a company that bases its production of the use of decorative elements and handcrafted metals and crystals that are joined to the latest design. The factory is able to satisfy the new requirements but remaining always in line with the times. Thanks to the attentive selection of raw materials and the care in details that they have been able to create objects of great prestige and satisfy every type of request.

In Es Art Design: In-es.artdesign, lighting is a form of art: Mixing art and design is an art in of itself—and one that is difficult to pull off. Italian artist and designer Oçilunam founded In-es.artdesign in 2003 to make it happen. His interior accessories radiate pure creativity with an irresistible allure, balancing an interplay of light and shadow with immaculate colour and material contrasts. These illuminating tones have garnered the designer international recognition, highlighting a unique mix of tension and clarity that pulls art and design into a beautifully coherent whole.

Raco Ambiente: Raco is a new concept of lighting which offers a collection of simple lights consistent with the brand’s design and artisan manufacturing. Working mostly with Fabrics and metal, all lighting objects stay current. Hand made in Spain.

&’Costa: A space of research and lighting design for humans. AndCosta is an Italian brand in the interior lighting scenery since 2000. It is driven by the intuitions and passion of a multidisciplinary team. In a few years it has given rise to a creative reality combining different skills, technical expertise and materials knowledge, attention to quality and details, ability to collaborate with designers from all backgrounds. AndCosta thinks and creates lighting objects with a contemporary and unobtrusive design, according to an ethic of maximum respect for the valuable skills and craftsmanship, beyond the broad market serial production.